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Intentium is a Norwegian company, which during 2007 to 2014, worked with development of wave power. After seven lean years, the founder of the company, M.Sc. Lars Edvardsen, put the work on wave power on hold, and started to work for ABB Electrification Norway with the design of 12-36 kV switchgear. This website is kept for educational purposes.

Norwegian company Intentium AS has been working with development of floating wave power since 2007. The company has completed several external studies of its patented offshore wave energy converter, and has recently completed model testing in a marine laboratory at Aalborg University through the EU funded FP7 project MARINET. Intentium is also working with mechanical engineering, product design and construction of geothermal heating plants.

3D CAD piping

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open wave energy project

In 2011, we thought starting an ‘open source’ community for wave power could give the industry a needed boost..


3D CAD piping


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